Welcome to Benish's Bakery - my bakery. 

We've been baking delicious biscotti, brioche and more for individuals and businesses since 2007. 

  I hope you'll make our bakery your bakery.

We are continuing the SALE on our Variety pack Samplers.  Buy one box - get the second at Half Off!  

Either the 2-slice bags or the 8-slice trays - both the same, or one of each.

 Shipping included, of course, to one location.  Use the code DELISH at checkout.

We expect all our baked goods to get to you in perfect condition. And we expect you will love them. 

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will make it good.


Bob Benish

Variety Pack - 8 Slice Variety Pack - 8 Slice
Our Price: $44.25

Variety Pack - 2 Slice Variety Pack - 2 Slice
Our Price: $44.75

Trade Winds - 8 Slice Tray Trade Winds - 8 Slice Tray
Our Price: $14.95