Our Challah

We make our challah without dairy as is traditional for the Kosher table.
But we use fine oils to give them wonderful flavor, eggs for richness,
honey for flavor and sweetness.
We braid them and adorn them with sesame seeds and almonds to make them
festive enough for a celebration.
But make no mistake, they are great breads for every day eating.

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Roasted Almond Challah Roasted Almond Challah

Think French toast...or Texas toast. The Roasted Almond Challah is
sweeter than our Toasted Sesame Challah.
But it is a balanced sweetness.
Toast it and spread it with cream cheese and marmalade.
But don't be afraid to use it for sandwiches...or as the bread with a bowl
of soup or fish stew.
This bread is a charmer!

Our Price: $7.95
Toasted Sesame Challah Toasted Sesame Challah

This is the more savory challah.
Toasted sesame oil adds its rich flavor, making this a perfect bread
to soak up the gravy of a stew or brisket. Have it toasted
in the morning with your eggs and bacon. Or make a pastrami sandwich for lunch. The sesame challah will hold all the mayo or mustard
you can slather on.

Our Price: $7.95